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  • There is a gate to the back yard that I would like to monitor.
  • Video camera on the outside of the house (front and back yards). Drugs are being sold on my court and I have already had prowlers.
  • Something more for securing a dark, large wooded back yard and pool.
  • Back yard intruders need a wireless alert system for back yard.
  • Interested in perimeter security that will sound alarm and/or turn on lights etc. When someone is in front or back yard. Have motion detector lights - to sensitive. Need a motion detector that detects humans not cats, moving branches etc.
  • I live on a main street and have a huge back yard.
  • I would like to have cameras so I can see the kids playing in the back yard, and maybe a camera so I can see the front yard as well. Total cameras approx 5.
  • 2150 square foot home in gated community. Has swimming pool and fenced back yard.
  • I would like video cameras I have 8 rooms a pool house and i need cameras on the front and back yard as well. In 5 rooms I need at least 2 cameras.
  • I want to have 2 cameras. 1 at the front door and another facing the back yard. 2 doors and 2 windows alarmed.
  • 5 doors to yard back yard area 9 windows, I already have wireless sensors for most of these and motion detector and etc. It might just need some new contacts and etc.
  • I also have a small shed/office in the back yard I would like to monitor.
  • I will need cameras around the house. We just moved in and 2 of our dogs have dissapeared from our backyard on 2 seperate occasions within ine week. We just moved in this week. The neighborhood seems very calm and quiet but this is too much of a coincidence.
  • Home has an inactive but already installed Westinghouse Security System. Sensors on the windows and motion sensors in the kitchen/entrance to backyard area. We want a hard phone line set-up with cell phone back-up. No yearly contracts. Please not hard selling.